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Why Organic Salons are Always Better

September 28th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Inoa Colour | Natural Hair Color | Organic Hair Color

organic salonThere are a number of differences between organic and regular hair salons. In fact because of the nature of the products, there is a difference from service to products. While you might be used to your average hair salon that you would find in a typical mall, once you visit an organic salon you will probably never go back to your old one. When you are faced with choosing between your average hair salon or an organic one, consider the following differences between the two.


There is always good, bad, and ugly when it comes to products and services no matter how good they are. One of the downfalls of using an organic hair salon is that the price can be higher than your average service. When you might spend $15 to $30 at the average salon, you can expect to pay up to double that at your organic salon. But with the price hike comes quality that you just can’t get anywhere else.


You think your hair looks and feels great when you leave the salon now? Wait until you get a chance to experience the after effects of an organic service salon visit. You haven’t seen silky and smooth until you’ve used real, whole, natural ingredients to treat your hair which is exactly what organic products will do for you. From leave in conditioners to shampoos and mousses, you can trust the products used in your hair not to fry or damage your hair when you visit an organic hair salon.


Those who work in an organic hair salon tend to care about their environment and those who are also in it. This translates into a better overall experience for you as a customer. Recycled drinking cups, purified water, all natural hair products, and good service are all things you can expect when visiting the organic version of your favorite hair salon.

Products You Can Find in an Organic hair Salon

There are a number of high quality products on the market that you can find at your organic hair salon. Some of the most popular brands include organic color Systems, KeraGreen, Hanz de Fuko, and O’Right. Many of these brands aren’t only organic, but they are vegan friendly as well. This means no animals were tested or used in any way when it comes to the products themselves.

This is yet another reason to consider using an organic hair salon for your beauty needs. There really is no need for you to have to sacrifice quality and service just because you want to be able to do your part in helping the world and to the things that live within it.

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