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Dyed my Natural Hair !

January 28th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Natural Hair Color - (23 Comments)

I found this video about Inoa Hair Color and thought that it would be interesting to post it here. enjoy! http (Stylist Website) (stylist twitter page) (SimplyNatural Facebook page) (Twitter Page) (Producer Website) I finally dyed my hair after 2 and a half years of being natural. I only asked for hightlights, but the stylist went a little overboard with the color. Even so, Read more [...]

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I found this video about Inoa Hair Color and thought that it would be interesting to post it here. enjoy! The indigo mixed in this video is for hair dye ONLY and not skin application. Indigo has a strong smell when mixed. To purchase pesticide free Indigo visit When using indigo in your henna mixture, for brown hair use 2 parts henna and 1 part indigo. For dark brown, almost black use 2 parts indigo and 1 part henna. Indigo is often resold as black Read more [...]

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